2021 Pieceable Retreat

October 15-17, 2021

We are hoping you will join us for the annual Fall Pieceable Retreat 2021 to be held at Doubletree by Hilton in Myrtle Beach in October. The dates of the retreat are October 15-17 with registration on Thursday  (the 14th)  at 7pm. You must be a current member of QSC in order to attend.  An email be sent in the next couple of weeks to members with class offerings as more information on policies that will be in place while attending the retreat, both QSC’s and the Doubletree. We want attendees to be as safe as possible while there.


A little information to take in to consideration: all two day classes will be held on Friday and Saturday with a half day workday on Sunday in your assigned classroom.  Three day classes will be Friday, Saturday and 1/2 day on Sunday this includes the three day BYOP. Floating BYOP will not be offered this year. So once you get there you won’t be having to move those machines from location to location. We can’t wait, can you?

Beach Vacation

Class Selections

What A Nine Patch Can Do For You

Instructor: Anita Bowen (Bio)

Full Week-end Class

This class is like none other! It is a hands on, experiential class.  Cutting directions and block directions are included but you provide the creativity – combining fabric colors and block arrangements to make this project your own.


This top is very flexible.  The directions given will finish 65” x 75” however, just by cutting additional strips and making additional blocks, it can easily be made to fit a queen or king bed.  And conversely, by cutting only half of the strips listed, a lap or crib quilt can be made.


Start off with a modified nine patch block and slice and dice until you have created your very own unique arrangement that will not be repeated by your quilting buddy in the next show and tell.  An adventure out of the box to see how you can play with a very simple and easy block using a focus fabric and a few coordinating pieces and make a quick and easy piece that can grow from a simple wall hanging to a queen size in a matter of hours!  Promises to be the next fun quilt that everyone will want to show and tell!


What a Nine Patch - Pic.jpeg


Instructor:  Dee Doebler

Full Week-end Class

By using only half square triangles, you will discover ways of blending your fabrics so that you
can create the shimmering watercolor effect for this spectacular quilt! You will also be shown
various ways to create your half square triangles. This a color design class and you will only be
working on small sections at a time. Design wall is a MUST. This class suits confident
beginners, as well as intermediate and experienced quilters.


Shimmering Triangles sample pic.jpg


Instructor: Diana Pickens

Full Week-end Class

The power of striped fabrics is unleashed by the ways in which the fabrics are cut and sewn back together. Creative ways of cutting and re-assembling pieces of striped fabrics generate powerful block and quilt designs. Sewing is simple. The stripes themselves do all the work.
We will create paper mock-ups of a variety of block designs using striped fabrics. NO SEWING
MACHINES are required. This is not a project class. However, you are welcome to bring a sewing machine if you would like to use it during our daily play time.

At the end of each day, we take about an hour to play. During the play time, you can use a sewing machine to practice creating the block designs, you can create additional mock-ups using different styles of stripes, rotate and shuffle your mock-ups into larger designs, and take pictures of the results.


Pickens Stripes Unplugged 2021 - sample


Instructor:  Donna Royson (Bio)

Fri/Sat Class

Let's Twist based on the Quilt In A Day pattern, Triple Twist, uses a jelly roll or pre-cut 2 1/2" strips to form a unique twisting pattern.  Learn how to accurately sew and press strip sets without curving, make four - 1/2 square triangle blocks from two rectangles, and other quilting tips that will help you with any quilt you make.  Pattern cost is $9.00 and available from instructor.  Optional ruler, Quilt In A Day triangle square up ruler, is $13.95 also available from instructor.


DR sample pic.jpg


Instructor: Jane Goodshall

Fri/Sat Class

From simple projects to elaborate quilts, this hand piecing method is a favorite. Just a few
small pieces of fabric, templates, needle and thread and you’re off.

We’ll discover some tips and tricks to this old method, while learning’ relaxing and having a
stress free and fun time ( You will soon be hooked). This is the best take along project


JG - sample pic.jpg


Instructor:  Joann Shropshire


Full Week-end Class

This quilt pattern is designed to give you options.  The block looks like a lot of work but it is not that hard and you get a lot of movement in the quilt.

Supply List

JS sample pic.jpg

Watercolor Florals

Instructor: Joyce Walton (Bio)

Full Week-end Class

Experience the excitement of painting on fabric using water-soluble artists’ crayons. Students will master using the crayons in conjunction with a wet brush to achieve realistic looking flowers and botanicals.

After the painting is completed, border treatments will be explored along with free motion thread painting. No previous art background is necessary.

A kit fee of $5.00 is required the day of class, which includes PFD muslin, fabric medium, botanical drawings and photographs.


JW sample pic.jpeg

Rubick Cube

Instructor:  Duane Walker

The interlocking design is both colorful and clever, and will definitely become the centerpiece of any room.


The object is to have the orange and yellow “stand out” as the interlocking design, however, if that is not your choice of color please feel free to change the fabric to your preference.

Supply List

Rubick Cube.jpg


Instructor:  Judy Lilly

Full Week-end Class

This exciting class offers instruction in perspective and value.  The beauty of the close-up magnolia is achieved by using a variety of fabrics in different scale and value and is enhanced by thread painting and beading.  This flower is beautiful in any color as long as there is a wide range of values.  Thread painting and finishing techniques will also be covered.

$10. Pattern fee (my original pattern)


JL sample pic 1.jpg


Instructor: Karen Kendo

Full Week-end Class

Monterrey Medallion is a fat quarter friendly pieced quilt that allows the confident beginner and the more experienced quilts to choose the level of challenge they are comfortable with.  The quilt is comprised of a center medallion, star blocks, log pile blocks (half log cabins), and Jacob’s Ladder blocks.  Each construction phase allows the individual to choose a level of difficulty.  Whether you stay with the easier choice or go for the more complex the result is a stunning quilt top.  Karen will walk you through each phase of construction giving tips and hints for perfect piecing.


KK Sample pic.jpg


Instructor:  Mary Kelley

Fri/Sat Class

A doll making class to jump in and learn the basics.  When you leave on Sunday, you will be taking home an extra passenger!

Beginner Friendly!


MK - sample pic - sm.jpg


Instructor: Ruth Pollow

Full Week-end Class

This collage art quilt class is a fun way to create a fabric version of a favorite animal or pet.  Using a photograph enlargement of a pet or favorite animal, you will use fabric scraps, to create your animal to look accurate to its natural colors or to make your animal whimsical by using colorful and highly patterned fabric scraps.  Fusible techniques used in the class make this process both fun and easy.  You will also learn how to create vibrant eyes, and how to finish the background in several different ways.


RP sample pic.jpg


Instructor: Susan Congdon

Full Week-end Class

The Basket Lattice is a traditional pattern first published in the early 1920's by Ladies' Art Company.  Using fabric strips sets and partial seams, we'll bring this traditional pattern into the 21st century and construct a lap quilt that will have others wondering how it was put together!  It's up to you whether or not to share how easy it is.


SC sample pic.png


Instructor: Veronica Moriarty (Bio)

Full Week-end Class

In this 15 hour class, students will use improvisation and “stack and shuffle” to create several large “window” blocks. Students can arrange windows as desired, using additional strips and small improvisational blocks to complete the top. It can be simple or complex, small or large – let your imagination and creativity loose. What colors are the buildings in your city? Not a class for quilters who desire predictability!


VM sample pic.JPG


Instructor:  Sandra Jacobs (bio)

Fri/Sat Class

A beginner friendly technique using a background and colorful accent fabrics.  Pattern may be orderd on-line.

Beginner Friendly.

Supply List

SJ sample pic.jpg