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Mini Grant

Mini-Grant Program Guidelines


Quilters of South Carolina makes funds available to its members to pursue projects relating to quilting;  to provide opportunities for communication, education, and participation in quilt-making; and to promote the history, art and craft of quilt-making.  Members may request mini-grants up to $500 for a one-year project.  Mini-grants may not be used to pay labor costs.   Funding will be limited to one mini-grant per applicant per year.  The total number of mini-grants awarded in a year will be determined by the Finance Committee per Section VI –b of the Quilters of South Carolina by-laws.

Grant Funding Examples

Education Projects:  postage, printing, materials and travel expenses for a team to present programs on quilting in schools or nursing homes.  Seed money to put on a quilt show.

Historical Preservation Projects:  postage, printing copying costs for videos of local quilting celebrities in your town – a living history idea.

Research and Development Projects:  creating videos

Charitable Projects:  materials for a project related to quilting to be used for a charitable purpose.

Grant applications are not limited to the above examples but should fit into one of the listed categories.

The Finance Committee will administer the program.  Applications must be postmarked by January 15.  The committee will review the requests and make recommendations for funding. 

Grant requests will then be submitted to the QSC Board for action.  Applicants will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision.  Grants will be presented at the Annual Quilters of South Carolina Spring meeting.

Responsibilities upon receiving a mini-grant:

Recipients must submit a progress report by October 15 of the funding year.  The report should include a few paragraphs describing progress to that point in time and include an account of grant funds expended to that date.  The report may also include photos, publicity, and any other documentation.


The final report is due on April 15 of the year following funding and should include:

  1. A summary of goals accomplished

  2. Report of any changes of goals and/or problems encountered

  3. Budget report including a complete accounting of money spent (any unspent money must be returned to QSC)

  4. Summary suitable for reporting in the Quilters of South Carolina Newsletter and/or on the QSC website.


Please send applications and reports to:


Martha White, President

Quilters of South Carolina

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