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The Spring Meeting is held in the first part of the year at different locations around the state.  The all day meeting includes the annual business meeting, a lecture by a nationally known teacher, demonstrations by SC teachers, show and share and a luncheon.  Vendors from around the state offer fabrics and tools needed for classes and projects.

March 19, 2022

Venue:  1881 Event Hall, 805 Spartan Boulevard

Spartanburg, SC

Workshops Friday, March 18th and Sunday, March 20th

When Sarah was six, her family returned to the US after living on four continents. Sarah was not a “natural born” artist and her route to art was circuitous with university, a Master’s Degree, and life as a US diplomat. Sarah says her birthplace was a geographical accident, it should have been Maine.  Maine’s everyday beauty in all seasons inspires her work. Playing with color, cloth, dye, paint, line, shape, form, light and shadow is simply pure joy.


Sarah's work has been juried into shows around the world including the inaugural Rising Stars exhibit at International Quilt Festival 2017 and is in public and private collections. She authored ThreadWork Unraveled, has been published regularly and internationally in magazines, online and in books, teaches nationwide, has a video workshop Art Quilt Design, from Photo to Threadwork and appeared on Quilting Arts TV and on The Quilt Show. Please visit

Guilds interested in scheduling Sarah Ann to present at their guild, please contact Sarah Ann directly.  Her contact information can be found on her website.  Note: Sarah Ann is only available dates directly AFTER the spring meeting, she not available the dates immediately preceding.

Guest Speaker
Sarah Ann Smith

Saturday Presentation

How did she do that?

A digital trunk show supplemented with a few "live" quilts and a  conversation with me about how I made various quilts, including techniques, materials, moving from idea to cloth, and what I would definitely not do again!  The quilts show how I work from initial concept to design, construction, quilting and final finishing.  The quilts shown illustrate my collage technique using pre-fused fabrics to create realistic imagery, both portraits and landscapes, and then bring the quilt to life with intense free-motion stitching.  The quilts in this digital trunk show include landscapes imaginary and realistic, a portrait of my older son, koi, a portrait of an African whom I photographed in 1982, a landscape from a photograph I took at Macchu Pichu in the late 80s, and much more.  I love questions about what and how, so please ask during the lecture!

Friday Workshop

Bindings and Piping and Facings Oh My!

Learn to make a perfect mitered binding straight grain bindings, double-fold bias bindings, piping, facings and couched yarns.  Time permitting Sarah will share share fabric accents, fused bindings, wacky raw-edge squares and more. By the end of this class you’ll have a “swatchbook” of samples and notes for future reference. Bindings and Piping and Facings Oh My!

SASmith.QA samplers.jpg

Sunday Workshop

Hawaiian Applique by Machine

Hawaiian quilts are beautiful in symmetry and bold design, but hand appliqué is time-consuming. Learn to create a Hawaiian-style masterpiece in a fraction of the time. Select an 18” block pattern provided by the instructor to begin a pillow top, small wall hanging, or begin a larger quilt, or work on a 6" block in class as practice for your 18" block at home.

SASmith.Hawaiian.Taro Aqua Lime(c).jpg
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