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The Spring Meeting is held in the first part of the year at different locations around the state.  The all day meeting includes the annual business meeting, a lecture by a nationally known teacher, demonstrations by SC teachers, show and share and a luncheon.  Vendors from around the state offer fabrics and tools needed for classes and projects.

March 20, 2021

Join us VIRTUALLY for our 2021 Spring meeting where AQS Certified Appraiser, Mary Kerr will bring her love of vintage quilts to us!

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Saturday Presentation

Southern Quilts

The South has a rich quilting history, steeped in tradition and passed down through the generations. Join Mary Kerr as she shares some of the glorious designs, colors and patterns that are unique to that region.

Mary worked with 13 quilt historians and they are thrilled to share quilts from 17 Southern institutions and more than 50 private collectors. Enjoy these uniquely Southern patterns and styles. Celebrate the history and those who have shared of their time and talent.

A Wonky Star: Improv with a Vintage Twist

Embrace the magic as you are given permission to combine the love of vintage with a fun modern aesthetic. Work with vintage textiles to create a wonky star with lots of negative space for modern quilting designs. The workshop is packed full of tips for working with vintage fragments and ways to showcase these treasured pieces. Students are encouraged to bring their own vintage blocks and fragments or they may purchase a kit of their choice in class. Finished sizes will vary.

Enjoy quilts from Mary's book, Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist and become inspired to create your own Twisted magic!

Stars Over Virginia Workshop

The Civil War forever changed the face of America and her quilting traditions. This workshop provides an opportunity to create a Star Quilt top using popular patterns, fabrics and colors of the Civil War era. Piece according to the pattern or expand your quilt to any size by adding additional borders if desired. We will briefly discuss the history of quiltmaking during the Civil War, available fabrics and unique social situations that influenced the women of this era. Enjoy Mary’s lighthearted approach and learn fast precision piecing techniques while immersing yourself in history.

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